Pollen filter replacementford air con re-gas


Air Condition Servicing:

Re-Gas, Leak Check & Disinfect

At least 80 percent of vehicles are now fitted with air conditioning as standard.

Using your air conditioning all year round is highly recommended. It keeps you nice and cool when it’s warm and for the cooler months…use in conjuncion with the heating system to quickly de-mist your windows on damp and cold days.

Pollen filters also known as cabin filters filter the air which enters the cabin of your vehicle and need to be checked yearly to make sure they are not blocked as this will cause a lack of air being drawn into the vehicle and put a strain on the climate control fan.

We are fully equipped and have trained technicians to service, repair, re-gas and disinfect your system.

We can re-gas, leak check and disinfect your air con system from £70.95.  Please call a member of our team for an appointment or drop in and drive away cool.