Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer a courtesy vehicle service?

A: We have a selection of courtesy vehicles to suit the needs of all our customers. This service is FREE regardless of the service provided.

Q: How can I be sure my car is in good hands?

A: We have been offering and honest, friendly, cost-effective and reliable service to motorists since 1987. We pride ourselves as being Blackburn’s Premier independent garage and our reputation, which is very important to us, reflects that. You’re pride and joy could not be in safer hands.

Q: I am unable to transport my vehicle to the garage, are you able to offer a collection service? 

A: We are happy to collect and deliver vehicles to our customers totally FREE of charge.

Q: What is Terraclean and how will it benefit me?

A: Terraclean is a unique advanced cleaning system that removes carbon deposits from your engine. The benefits of this include significantly improving the overall performance of the vehicle, considerable increase in fuel economy, reduced emissions, prolonged component life and a far smoother idle. Everybody who opts to have a Terraclean service performed notices an immediate drive-away difference.

Q: Why might my vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter need cleaning?

A: Diesel Particulate Filters can become blocked or fail completely. The cause of this can vary but can likely be linked to an engine life consisting of short journeys and a style of driving unsuited to automatic DPF regeneration, or consistant use of poor quality fuel. Other possible causes can be the result of poorly operating or blocked injectors, a faulty EGR valve, incorrect engine oil, damaged hoses, exceeded service intervals or fault codes showing on the diagnostic equipment linked to DPF.

Q: Do you offer a collection & drop-off service?

A: We are proud to offer a collection & drop-off service for all of our valued customers within the general Blackburn area totally FREE of charge. Pick-ups and drop-offs outside of the Blackburn area can be arranged for a small additional fee. In most cases we are also able to collect your vehicle if it needs towing, no matter how far away, however we recommend you call us first to check availability and pricing, which varies depending on distance.

Q: Is your Terraclean service mobile?

A: Yes, our mobile Terraclean service is now fully operational, so we can visit you at your home or place of work and bring Terraclean to everybody. Please note that extra charges may occur for customers outside a 10km radius of our headquarters. Please contact us for further details, and an accurate quotation.

Q: Do you offer a recovery service?

A: Yes, we do offer a fast-response recovery service for broken down vehicles although this does incur an extra cost. Please contact us for details.

Q: Will bringing my car to you for servicing affect my dealer warranty?

A: No. Your dealer warranty will not be affected if you choose us to service you car. We will only use genuine or comparable OE quality parts, therefore this will not affect your dealer warranty.

Q: I own a large LWB van, will you be able to service my vehicle?

A: Yes. We have several repeat customers who bring their LWB vans to us for servicing. As long as you let us know beforehand, we can make provisions to accommodate your van or other large vehicle.