Is your car becoming a headache?


Have no fear, Alan Price is here! We get countless calls from motorists who are incredibly distressed when they’re stuck on the hard shoulder after driving their increasingly problematic vehicles. Confide in Lancashire’s Premier Garage and rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

When it comes to the quality of the service we deliver to each and every deeply valued customer, the wealth of experience our technicians have between them, or even our constant investments in the latest diagnostics equipment, so we can be sure to locate and alleviate the problem first time around, regardless of make or model, we have you covered.

With cars featuring increasingly complex electronics, we are noticing an increasing amount of customers seeking our help after they have been persistently let down by other garages claiming to know how to fix electrical woes and resulting in a large bill, and a problem that just refuses to go away. This is likely to continue to be the case, however we urge you to bring your car to a highly modern facility like ours with highly trained technicians that don’t have to pretend to know what they’re doing!

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Of course, we advise that you keep your car maintained and serviced inline with your vehicles service manual. This is the key to keeping your car running like clockwork mechanically. It’s significantly harder to predict when an electrical fault will materialize and these often require specialist equipment that is available only to a select few. We would certainly not recommend tampering with the electronics on a modern car at home. On the plus side, electrical issues rarely strike twice once sorted properly by a competent technician.

Terraclean Pipe 1

Pre-Terraclean Pipe

What if your car is beginning to feel its mileage? One popular treatment that we conveniently offer from £108 including VAT is Terraclean.  This service removes carbon build ups from the engine and exhaust system, releasing more power, reducing emissions and significantly improving economy. This is all while improving the response of and feel of the car as a whole, petrol or diesel.



Post-Terraclean Pipe

Post-Terraclean Pipe

You can see by the photos provided the difference that a Terraclean makes within the internals of your vehicle. Having this fantastic service performed on your vehicle will transform any car with over 15,000 miles into feeling like a brand new vehicle. The difference can be felt as soon as you drive away! All of our staff have ultimate faith in Terraclean after having it performed on all of our vehicles. One of our staff members has an Audi A6 3.0 V6 converted to LPG and even she noticed a huge increase in MPG and engine response after the service, so it’s clear that the benefits aren’t just limited to conventionally fuelled vehicles. It works on classics too. Currently I drive a 1969 Triumph Spitfire MKIII as a daily driver, and the car has been completely transformed since the treatment, ridding it of a noticeable flat spot among other benefits.


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Another point that is often neglected over winter is keeping your car clean whilst the roads are dirty. Besides the obvious factor of taking pride in your vehicle, keeping your car clean (especially the underside) is an essential way of preventing rust becoming an issue. At this time of year, there are many corrosive salts on the roads which can deal a great deal of damage to your cars bodywork if not cleaned on a regular basis. Once the rust sets in, it can be difficult and time-consuming to fix, leading to costly and largely preventable repairs.

Another way to help prevent the spread of corrosion is to invest in a product such as Waxoyl and coat the underside of the body, spreading a protective layer which in turn will help your car to remain in fine, rust-free condition. Where the chassis is concerned, applying a layer of underseal is the most effective way to stop rust from taking over. This is cheap and easy to do once up on some ramps. We offer this service for very competitive rates and we believe its a necessity over the winter season, especially on older cars.

Unfortunately, the rust will have already taken hold on some vehicles, which can be dangerous, compromising the structural integrity of the car, and most likely being an MOT fail. If this is the case then your car will require welding work to be carried out. We offer this service and we have two highly experienced technicians that specialize in welding that will be more than happy to restore your cars body work to its former glory, for a very reasonable price. Many welders like to get straight into the welding itself however, being Lancashire’s Premier Garage, we follow all the recommended preparation procedures to ensure that the work carried out on your vehicle is long-lasting and seamlessly executed.

Car Welding

So, want a headache free festive period? Of course you do. We all do. Follow our tips regarding keeping your car problem free, and you’re on the right track to a having a trouble free Winter. Obviously, problems can arise that can’t be predicted, as with everything. Luckily, if this becomes the case, you can be sure that there’s a garage with a skill set and reputation you can trust. Many don’t get that benefit.

If you need are experiencing any motoring related qualms, or even just want some FREE friendly advice, give us a ring on 01254 679937 and we’ll do you right!

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Published Date: 3rd December 2015
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