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Welcome to our new #RideTheRoad series. As proud driving enthusiasts we’ll be bringing you information on our favorite driving roads from around the UK as part of this blog. Since it’s officially #LancashireDay on Twitter today, we thought we’d continue the theme of our home county in starting the blog in our home county. This did however get us thinking, Lancashire isn’t exactly a small county, and it includes some stunning scenery along with some interesting northern terrain.

This all points to the potential for some truly incredible driving roads and destinations. But think about it, when was the last time you saw a Lancashire road in any of the numerous major motoring publications, that frequently travel the length and depth of the UK so they can do their thing on a wide variety of exciting roads, with jaw dropping backgrounds and intriguing destinations? No, me neither. And it’s not like we’re lacking in Lancashire either!

We’ve compiled details of one of our favorite roads inside the Red Rose County that is easily worth a visit, even if it is just for the drive!


Rivington Road, Rivington – Turton, Lancashire – 9.2 Miles

Rivington - Turton

Although relatively short, this (mostly) national speed limit stretch of road also happens to be one of my personal favorites. Avoid obvious peak times and you’ll rarely be held up on this fast and technical route. Visibility for the most of the route is good, despite the route’s technical nature so given this and the ‘mostly wide enough’ road, most skilled drivers/riders should be able to time their overtakes with ease if the odd Sunday driver is encountered. The views across Lancashire or breathtaking on the Rivington-Belmont stretch of this road and you’ll notice strategically placed viewpoints across the route. These are drastically underused and make great spots to gaze over the landscape and into the distance. Once above the moors, you’re greeted with a long straight featuring an exhilarating crest which, when you learn the road, you can keep the throttle pinned (legally of course) as the road remains straight until the road becomes twisty again a few hundred yards further down the route.

Rivington Road 1

Pass through the picturesque village of Belmont and the road becomes tighter and even more technical for the next section before reaching the A666. Keen drivers will enjoy this challenging section of varying cambers and gradients however due to the narrow width and sharp corners, we’d recommend a smaller, quick-reacting car for this section.  The road passes through a thick pine forest in this part of the route which makes for a pleasant environment, especially if you choose to take a break at one of the various lay-by’s.

Rivington Road 2

After a short stint on the A666 for a few hundred yards, take the right turn onto the B6391 and you find yourself a wider, smooth, sweeping road which exits the pine forest setting and offers the a particularly enjoyable experience down to Turton that can be taken surprisingly briskly, whilst remaining entirely safe as the visibility is good which little surprises along the way. Tracks leading off to the right lead to a reservoir which is a truly beautiful place to behold, so time allowing, we’d certainly recommend a stop before ending your journey in the rural Lancashire village of Turton.

This is a route that the likes of Evo and Top Gear magezine would be proud of and it really has to be driven to be experienced.

Sheep in road

Hint: Watch for sheep which occasionally stray onto the road on the Rivington to Belmont section, although this is rarely a problem. Also, beware of severe fog on this same section as the weather can prove unpredictable on the higher sections of the route.

In conclusion, the Lancashire region should certainly not be overshadowed by other counties when it’s roads have so much to offer for the driving enthusiast. If you’re ever in the area, give this route a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! – Alan Price Autos

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Published Date: 27th November 2015
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