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Digital Service Records (DSR), also known as Digital Service Book (DSB) is a new way of recording the service history of a vehicle.

The new digital method of storing your vehicles servicing history has many benefits over the traditional book system and allows you easy access to the full history of your vehicle.

Unlike paper service records, a digital service record is maintained in the manufacturer’s computer database. The database keeps the service history of the vehicle, including the mileage and the place and type of service performed. This record is updated whenever the service is carried out at a dealer or an authorised garage.

A car owner or the prospective buyer can easily take a hard copy of the service history from any authorised dealer. Most manufacturers also allow customers to view or print the service history from their web portal.


  • It maintains detailed records of your vehicle in a central database.
  • Access to the full-service history for the life of the vehicle
  • Proof of service work to protect your warranty
  • You won’t be missing any service stamps
  • If you lose your DSB print out, we can easily re-print this for you from the central database.

Maintaining a full and up to date service history will help preserve the resale price of your vehicle

Alan Price Automobile Services has full abilities to update most manufactures digital service schedules. Keeping and maintaining your digital service history according to the manufactures guidelines is a good way to help keep your vehicles resale value high and your vehicle desirable. We currently have the ability for the following manufactures:

  • Audi, Skoda, Seat, Volkswagen






  • Jaguar, Land-Rover



  • Mazda



  • Mercedes-Benz