Terraclean Service

Starting from just £110, Terraclean saves you money, reduces emissions and cleans your engine!

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What Terraclean Can Do For Your Car

The unique Terraclean advanced cleaning system removes most carbon deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions.

Carbon deposits influence the performance of your engine. Removal of the deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance.

Terraclean cleans everything from the injectors through to the tip of the exhaust including the cat.














A Terraclean Service will:

  • Greatly improve fuel economy
  • Noticeably improve vehicle performance
  • Improve engine response
  • Lower emissions considerably.
  • Make idle smoother by increasing lambda efficiency
  • Save on costly repairs by prolonging component life
  • Give immediate drive-away difference

Did you know?

Only Terraclean will restore your vehicles performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components.

“You’ll know what we mean when you’ve had a Terraclean”.

Terraclean Service Price List:

  • Petrol Car under 2.0l – From £110 Inc VAT
  • Petrol Car 2.0l and over – From £130 Inc VAT
  • Diesel Car under 3.0l – From £110 Inc VAT
  • Diesel Car 3.0l and over – From £130 Inc VAT

Terraclean + Terraclean Forced Induction Intake Clean:

  • Petrol Car under 2.0l – From £185 inc VAT
  • Petrol Car 2.0l and over – From £215 inc VAT
  • Diesel Car (All Sizes) – From £325 inc VAT

Please note that some especially large engines may incur an extra cost due to the amount of Terraclean fluid we’ll use to give optimum effect and the time the service will take. Please contact us with details of your vehicle for a tailored quote if this is the case.

We offer a 10% Multi-Car discount when you Terraclean more than one vehicle

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