Top 10 Car Furniture Ideas

Sometimes the most outlandish ideas turn out to be the best. The more conservative among us would never even dream of introducing motoring inspired furniture to their homes, but for those who do, the rewards of having unique and stylish interior furnishings are there for the taking. Here are 10 of the best that we’ve compiled just for you…


10) As a car the original Fiat 500 may have been pretty useless at being anything other than a cute city-only runabout, but in the afterlife, these cars can be brought back to life as stylish Italian themed sofas such as these. Surprisingly comfier than the originals too.

 Fiat 500 Sofa


9) Supercars such as the Lamborghini Muchielago belong on your bedroom wall. The owner of this bedroom however has gone one step further, building a whole double bed in tribute to the Italian supercar. Over the top? Well that’s what Lamborghini are about. We think it’s pretty cool.

Lambo Car Bed


8) Now this one’s right up our street! Everybody loves a barbecue, but to make them sausages extra tasty this summer, why not crash a classic mini through your neighbour’s fence and cook some succulent red meat on its engine? Mmm….

mini barbeque


7) Keeping on the theme of Classic Mini’s, this one has been completely gutted and transformed into an office desk and storage cabinet. A very innovative and stylish approach to office furnishings that we’d love to see replicated more commonly.

 Mini Desk


6) Here’s a contemporary design for all you Audi fans out there. This glass-topped table features an intricate base made from the head of a V8 engine. The design is super sleek and modern, incorporating the latest of Audi’s cutting edge technology in a practical and stylish package suitable for even the most clinical of living arrangements.

Audi V8 Table


5) The owner of this extravagant fireplace clearly appreciates the in-your-face aesthetics of a Scania truck in his/her lounge. Many people will prefer a subtler alternative, however this will definitely warm the room during the winter months. By the looks of things, those lights may have been connected up to the mains too. Sweet!

Truck Fireplace


4) Just missing out on the top 3, we found this beautifully crafted Mercedes-Benz clock. Displaying the companies precision engineering at its finest, this ornate household accessory would look completely at home in any contemporary living space.

 Mercedes Piston Clock


3) Coming in in third place is this heavily modified VW Beetle front end converted into an armchair fit for the Queen. We’ve ranked this so highly due to the quality of the finish on this product and lets face it, we all love a bit of quilting!

Beetle Chair


2) Just missing out on the top spot is this Ford Mustang inspired pool table. In an All-American sort of way, this is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen and if every pool table was this interesting, I’m sure the sport would gain a few more followers.

Mustang Pool Table


1) Well… This has got to top the lot! Anybody who can successfully model a BAR on a retro VW Camper and actually make it look convincing deserves a medal in our eyes. This one even features a fully functioning cockpit and coffee machine!

VW Camper Bar

Published Date: 15th February 2016
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