Terraclean Update!

A couple of months ago you may remember we ran a competition to win a FREE Terraclean here at Lancashire’s Premier Garage. The lucky gentleman who had the pleasure of winning this highly coveted prize pictured here alongside his stunning Audi and Alan Price himself.







After having suitable time to get accustomed to his Post-Terraclean vehicle, here is what he has to say:

“So since I have had my Terraclean done I have noticed a few improvements. The engine feels smoother than before and is definitely much quieter. It also feels more responsive when I put my foot down. I have also noticed the car heats up a lot quicker. Previously the car would take a good few minutes for the heaters to kick in but since the Terraclean it seems to be a lot quicker than before.
On the performance side of things I have done a few 100+ mile motorway runs mainly on cruise control driving, similar to how I did before. Previously I averaged out at around 47-52mpg however post Terraclean my average was coming back as 54-57mpg. My last tank of fuel gave me 600 miles which is by far the most I have got out of a tank since I have has the car. All in all I must say I have definitely seen an improvement in the car since the Terraclean was performed and again would like to thank you again for this. I would strongly recommend Terraclean to all of my friends.”

So there you have it, another happy customer added to our portfolio. The Terraclean revolution is sweeping the nation and the reviews are speaking for themselves. Watch this space, as this is going to be a very exciting year…

You’ll know what we mean, once you’ve had a Terraclean – Alan Price








Published Date: 18th January 2016
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